MEET The Kernel

The Kernel in the classic sense is a computer program that constitutes the central core of a computer's operating system. It has complete control over everything that occurs in the system. As such, it is the first program loaded on startup, and then manages the remainder of the startup. We chose to use this metaphor for Active Labs to define the initial marketing tasks that need to be done to create your brand’s operating system.

The Kernel defines a vision that will drive the brand from the core. The goal of this initiative will be to establish the foundation and “rallying cry” for which all marketing communications plans can be derived to support the company’s goals of creating a relevant brand, financing, culture, distribution network and customer sales. Active Labs begins this process by leading your stakeholders through a workshop focused crafting a shared vision of the marketing kernel, supplemented with market data and research.

Brand Development

Based on the strong foundation and direction from our Kernel process, we apply a minimum viable branding (MVB) approach to develop the creative assets and messaging your company needs to succeed with investors and customers. Clear and consistent branding lays the groundwork for all of your marketing communications and our services at this stage are scalable to meet your objectives and audience. We’re here to help with naming, design and implementation of your promotional materials.

Customer Journey Mapping

We take the mystery out of “what causes sales?” We help you understand how your customer arrives at your doorstep. We can help set your marketing priorities with our propriety Mobius Cycle® Consumer journey model.

Activation Projects

Includes consumer research, marketing plans, media planning, channel strategy, public relations. Design and implementation of sales materials, presentations, packaging, websites, digital marketing, videos and additional assets needed to tell your story to the world.


We offer personalized coaching sessions to help you address your most pressing questions, including marketing plan assessment and resource identification and prioritization. We teach founders how to be their own CMOs, set priorities and organize their resources.

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