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Active Labs is a division of Williams Helde Marketing Communications in Seattle, WA. Since 1969 Williams Helde has been at the forefront of technology and entrepreneurship. In 2016 we launched Active Labs to specifically help startups where we saw the most need and opportunity for their success. Most agencies offer packages that don’t fit the startup mentality, speed or bottom line. We offer a range of services that address all three.

The focus of Active Labs is to uncover core values and go-to-market strategies, including distribution strategy, brand development, advertising, and design. It is a consulting and creative hybrid model, designed to activate maximum value for startup companies and their investors.

We believe in empowering young, promising companies by giving them the tools to go to market with a carefully crafted strategy in place. Active Labs essentially provides these companies a marketing communications launch pad so they can continue to build positive momentum as their business model takes shape rather than spending time and budget on projects they aren’t yet mature enough to need.